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Week 4 Post 1

For this post I have decided to critique and Beginning with I have identified the following three potential problems for visitors. I used 3 different browsers to view these sites and chose issues that appeared on all three.
1: The framing of this site  makes it look like more of a static image then a functional site. It looks “cheap” or something from the late 1990's / GeoCities era.  I checked. It's not.
2: I am not exactly sure what this site is offering. I get the feeling that they want me to pay to talk to a physic or buy crystals. There is no clear product or idea conveyed.
3: The color scheme uses primary colors on top of earth tones. It is gaudy. I can not describe it any other way but a box of primary color crayons melted on a hotel sofa.
1:This website is almost as confusing as I had to click thru several pages before I was able to figure out what exactly pennyjuice was selling. I am also…

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